Friday, December 14, 2007

Pride in Prejudice

If there was ever any doubt what was really the issue with the decision to revisit crack cocaine sentences, Michael J. Cheaney at Jessica McBride's Media Matters made it crystal clear. The amazing thing is that Ms. McBride, who famously moderates comments at her site, allowed this one to go through.

Not only are they about to let out a bunch of crackheads, The state of Wisconsin will also be handing out Get of of jail free cards to ALL black people accused of a crime if Jim Doyle has his way.
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Ah, I get it now: crackhead = black people.


  1. Here's a fair compromise: Have Paul Bucher prosecute the crack crime. That way, the defendant increases by 100 times his chance of being freed.

  2. Fantastic job of missing the point. And well my brilliant (If I may say so myself analogy)

    Yes stastically most people who are arrested for drugs of all kinds are black and minority. And also stastically most people who are accused and convicted and jailed for crimes are also wait for it.....Minorities.

    You can look at the numbers anyway you want to but the fact is that crack has led to more crimes (robberies, murders etc.) within the minority community.

    And lets face the reality here, when Jim Doyle and his sham Black incarceration group, come out with their recommandations in a few months, they are going to recommend that NO minority group be prosecuted for any crime.

    Thus the get out of jail free card.

  3. "they are going to recommend that NO minority group be prosecuted for any crime."

    Suuure they are fella.


  4. OMG ... don't you just love the marketplace of ideas. Let them ramble and soon enough their true colors come out.

    It's easy to ignore a criminal justice system that deals more harshly with minorities, racial profiling and a law enforcement emphasis on inner city areas that results in higher arrest rates though abuse levels are known to follow population demographics when you're a bigot and are merely trying to make a political point against a governor you dislike.

    As to Mr. Cheaney's analogy ... Brilliance! Genius! (snark)

  5. Well then since I am apparently the only one within the Wisconsin Blogsphere that is willing to...

    1. Make such a bold prediction. and..

    2. Stand behind that prediction, I challenge the LIBERAL readers to give their predictions as to what Jim Doyles Commission will recommend. And I will also guess that not many will respond to this challenge. (Just a hunch in my part) But then again I am a white male so that must make me a bigot)

  6. Thankfully you're the only one. There is yet hope.