Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good Old John

We know McBride is around, because she has been updating her comment threads, but it must be a slow news day for her as she hasn't posted anything yet. However, even on slow days, we can rely on our favorite Jessica McBride Fan Club Member, John, to enlighten us on how they think. Here is his comment regarding McBride's "I'm jealous of Oprah" post, spelling errors and all:

Oprah is a creation of the media. Oprah is an extremely successful media on screen star.Oprah has maximized her star power in the media, and through talent, charisma, guidance, hard work, and through her hired peeeps, has become a mega-star and has become mega-rich.
So has Gene Simmons of KISS.
So has Bono (not Sonny) of U2.
So haD Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.
As Bruce Williams has so often said..."Never love something that can't love you back". Oprah is a crutch for many many fans and needy people. She is a media mogul Brett Favre. People name their children Brett, because of Brett Favre. I find that wierd. They don't name their child....Thomas or William, for their Father or Grandfather, rather they name their child after an athletic icon.
Well,Oprah doesn't even WIN ballgames. Oprah doesn't compete nor risk life nor limb. Oprah is a woman who got an education, had a checkered past, MADE IT, became a TV REPORTER, talking head in Baltimore I believe, and in Chicago, she got a chance and didn't waist it. What does that mean? It's charisma and a Prom queen-esque popularity thing. So Oprah has good instincts, charisma, good peeps/advisors, financial partners, and she builds her IMPRESSIVE MEDIA empire, and becomes a very very wealthy woman.
I admire that. But, how does that make her so important to millions of women?? Is it because she shows what people CAN achieve?? I admire that. But her talents made her RICH, they didn't make her part of my family nor did they make her values wants and needs MINE.
I mentioned Brett Favre. He too has CHECKERS in his past. And millions of people will wear WRANGLERS because he shills for WRANGLER. I admire Favre, just as I do admire Winfrey, BUT, if Oprah reads the Diary of Franke Ann, or if Brett Favre eats Cheetos, I'm not influenced.I am my sons role model. If I fail, if I succeed, at least I've lived as I believe. REMEMBER?

Remember that McBride moderates her comments. She wouldn't let mine through. I bet she would let Tim Rock's through either. Or Illusory Tenants. Apparently she feels that we just don't have the same insight or writing skill as good old John. He really knows how to add meaning to a conversation.

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  1. That's awesome. Also, Mark Chmura has CHECKERS in his past. For that matter, Jessica McBride has CHECKERS in her past. And present. God, I love that crazy dude. (In reality, "John" is is actually probably the WTMJ radio producer, or Sentinel managing editor George Stanley.)