Monday, December 10, 2007

What Happened To The Crisis?

Remember earlier in the year, when TMJ showed McBride to the door? She was on her way out anyway, but expedited her departure by doing a parody on the death of a little girl, who was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting. McBride tried to justify herself by pointing out that the city of Milwaukee was in a "crisis." For a while, every murder was further proof of the "crisis." It was also a chance for her to join in the squawk brigade chorus raging against Mayor Tom Barrett, Police Chief Nan Hagerty, and every black politician (except Sheriff Clarke).

Now, as she goes about berating Joel McNally about a column he wrote about the Jude cops, she writes:

...Just put in the variables, and you will see for yourself that it's true. The pattern is clear. The crime heyday was in the early 1990s.

Some people think crime is ticking back up over the past couple years - in SOME categories only, not in others (like aggravated assault in Milwaukee) - because some of those 1990s-era prisoners are now getting back out. To be sure, crime is affected by many other variables. But we're still nowhere near the crime problem in the early 1990s, which occurred during the initial influx of crack cocaine into the state.

If the crime was worse in the early 1990's than it was in 2007, why does this suddenly constitute a crisis? I guess it was just a crisis of convenience.

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  1. To hear her pose herself as some kind of authority is galling. A mediocre career without any significant recognition has now magically been transformed in the remembering. And here she is trying to adopt an air of authority about crime and crime trends, when her actual knowledge is limited to a patch of Waukesha, creepy right-wing conclaves and, well, home-wrecking. Stay the hell out of Milwaukee's business, you fraud.