Friday, December 14, 2007

This Might Explain It

We already have seen that Patrick McIlheran isn't the smartest guy around. Well, either that or he has mastered the art of denial. Either way, Brawler helps to explain why McIlheran is so obstinate about points that is evidently incorrect. He concludes his proof with this:

Would anyone with basic comprehension skills read that and sneeringly suggest we're winning in Afghanistan?

Would anyone with basic comprehension skills read a passage saying a troop shortage makes it "hard to consolidate military victories and bring security to government-controlled areas" -- and prevent suicide attacks killing civilians -- and translate it as "To be sure, NATO commanders in Afghanistan say they're short of troops at times and in places"?

After reading this, it's easier to understand why McIlheran thinks we're winning in Iraq.

The groundwork for this conclusion can be found here.


  1. Patrick "4F" McIlheran. Rock on studly! Keep volunteering others for battles you'd never fight!

  2. Onward Christian soldier! Give McIlheran a brigade command. I'm sure the enlisted men would appreciate his well-thought out and prissily correct arguments. Give that man a star and some cannon and boom, let him at it. We can't confine military greatness like his to a backwater like Milwaukee? He doesn't sound like a ridiculous little Caesar. No, put him on the frontlines, where he belongs. Only then will his blinding wisdom properly be revealed.