Friday, December 14, 2007

Madman Buses 21 People To Death

Well, that apparently is a headline that McIlheran sees in his own special world.

McIlheran posted one of his parrot pieces, supporting our other good friend, McBride. In the comments thread of said post, a liberal, apparently from Delafield, confronts old Pat on his gun-crazed illogic thought patterns. Pat responds thus:

Guns are no more the problem than are, say, kitchen knives. Three people have in the past few weeks been beaten by youths on buses in Baltimore. Buses are not the problem, either -- the hands that did the beating are, just as are the hands that wield guns to shoot people. It is the criminal, not the tool, that must be controlled.

Statistics clearly show that a person carrying a gun for defense is more likely to thwart an attack than is an unarmed person. We have lots of examples of the latter -- unarmed people, unresisting, attacked, robbed and killed nonetheless. So, no, pacifism won't make us safe -- simply look, further, at the statistics on people injured or killed in home invasion robberies in Britain vs. the United States.

As for states' prerogatives on guns and abortion, there's a straightforward difference. The right to keep and bear arms is in the constitution. Second amendment, in fact, up above the part about search and seizure. The right to abortion is nowhere in the constitution, having been entirely ginned up out of "penubras"(sic) and such in what is now widely regarded as one of the most egregious examples of jurisprudential nonsense in a century.
Well, I don't know about McIlheran, but I wouldn't want to be beaten or shot, but if I had to choose between only those two options, I would go with the beating. However, McIlheran defeats his own argument with using this example. The people that were beaten are still alive. How many of the people shot in the latest string of mass murders can say that? And as I pointed out, I haven't seen a story lately of someone going on a mass murder spree with a knife, much less a bus. Unless he's watched the movie Speed so much he thinks it's real.

Then he starts with the statistics, but provides none. But even then, he fails to mention that there are less gun deaths per year in all of Europe than in one average American city.

McIlheran really shows why he is always linking to other people expressing their opinions instead of making his own arguments in the last paragraph. He can't keep a train of thought for more than two paragraphs and tries to compare the constitutionality of having the right to gun someone down versus abortion.

Some advise for Patrick. Just pick one topic per post and try to stay to that. It will confuse you and your reader a lot less.

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