Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Email To Charlie Sykes

As has been discussed by yours truly here and here, Walker is a lying scoundrel. Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has picked up on that.

A concerned citizen and friend of Whallah! took the initiative to email Charlie Sykes regaring this matter. This same person cc'ed Whallah! so that I may post it here for all to share. Here is the email:

I imagine you will be starting off your program each day with the following: "In a campaign forum on 4/24/02, Walker was asked if he'd seek re-election as county executive and how long he'd hold office. He replied: I am open to run for a full term in 2004, but WILL NOT beyond that term""Also, on 4/21/02, the newspaper editorial board, in an interview asked:

Q: Just so everyone is clear, if you win, do you plan to run again in 2004?

A: Yes. I don't have an interest in running beyond that."

Let's see, you ran "Doyle lied" until the budget was done so, we can (be) assured you will run "Walker lied" until election day.

We know you have a busy schedule, so we'll remind you every day so you don't forget.

The Fairest Doctrine Watchers.

I commend our friend for the valiant effort, but also must advise the reader not to hold one's breath for Sykes to follow through with this request. We already know he doesn't do well with requests.

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