Friday, December 28, 2007

Milwaukee Magazine

Milwaukee Magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To commemorate the event, they have taken a look back over some of the most memoriable stories, quotes and people that they have covered in the last 25 years. Several of these stories and quotes are quite interesting. (In case the gentle reader was not aware, Charlie Sykes was the editor of the magazine during the eighties--Needless to say, they have improved a lot since then.)

They have some takes of some of our local right wing squawk brigade. Here are some on Charlie:

Syked Out:“Away from his professional cronies … his books and his daily blows against the status quo, [WTMJ-AM radio host Charlie] Sykes is an isolated man.” (July 2000). “A man of immense talent and ambitions, yet unsure what to do next in life, a man who has gained the respect and fear of the power elite while failing to win the long-term loyalty of even a single friend.”


"Racine will be turned into a parling lot, which is okay.
--Charlie Sykes, January 1986


In 10 years Charlie [Sykes] will be more liberal than today.
--Public relations man Evan Zeppos, July 2000


  1. My favorite Sykes' comment was about Henry Maier: "Such pathology...Such paranoiac bitterness...His power has long been essentially negative in nature".

    Ironically, it describes Sykes perfectly.

  2. Say what you want about Mayor Maier, he would crush Sykes in the blink of a tearless eye if he was around today.