Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Amazing McKreskin

McBride never fails to amaze. First, she mentions an article in MSJ about a pizza man being shot and killed, and quotes the article:

A 53-year-old pizza delivery man was fatally shot about 3 a.m. Saturday, and police have more than 10 people in custody, said Milwaukee police Capt. David Zibolski.

She laments about there being no concealed carry law in the state and points out a local case in which another pizza man did carry a gun and faced criminal charges after shooting someone with it. But then McBride does her own version of the Amazing Kreskin, and tells us what we are thinking:

Now a pizza delivery man is a murder victim. Presumably, he wasn't carrying concealed. Question for all of those who oppose concealed carry: Why wouldn't you want a man like the one above to be able to defend himself? And if you don't want him to carry a gun, concealed, what would you have recommended that he use to defend himself? Admit it, concealed carry opponents, guns=bad! crowd. You think the man above should have been able to defend himself. Thus, you do really support concealed carry. You just don't want to admit it because to your crowd, guns=bad. It's an emotional, not a logical, argument.

Only McBride could think that it would be logical to presume that a person carrying a pizza, when confronted with ten armed assailants, would be able to drop the pizza, pull a pistol, and shoot all ten assailants, before being gunned down himself. Methinks she has been watching too much Jack Bauer.

Yeah, good rational and logical thinking there, Jessica.

The logical presumption would be that even if he did manage to get the gun out, he'd still be dead, and there's be one more gun on the street in the hands of a criminal.

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  1. Since she's such a friend of law enforcement, she should ask a dog shifter in District 7 how great an idea concealed carry is. Remember her ridiculous detective novel that was "with the publishers?" She creates the impression she knows cops. Well, let's hear.