Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here She Goes Again

We have remarked before how McBride's assumptions about certain news stories smack of racism. There was the shooting death of a young, aspiring, rhythm and blues singer and then her lame attempt to rationalize her assumptions in that case.

Now she is writing about the decision to revoke the license for Club Escape, which has had a number of incidents and at least one death related to it. She feels that revoking the license is unfair, and does offer some rational reasons for her beliefs. Unfortunately, she also writes this:

There's always something that's bugged me about clubs getting shut down because their customers act violently (or even employees). How is that the club owner's fault? What are they supposed to do? Start screening out thugs?

They'd get a bunch of EEOC complaints and nasty Eugene Kane columns about how racist they are if they tried to do that. When clubs have tried to implement dress codes to screen out thugs, so they won't be called racists, they get called racists too.

Why does she always assume that all shootings involve minorities? Is she going on odds, or is she just making an assumption based on stereotypes, or is there some other, underlying reason?

And why does she always refer to them as "thugs"? She doesn't do that for white criminals. Even murderers, like in the Crandon shootings or the other mass murders that have occurred.

Perhaps the racist nature of her stereotype-based assumptions are too subtle for her to pick up on, or just that type of attitude is so ingrained into her she doesn't notice it. And before she picks up the libel card, I do not believe she is an active racist or a KKK member, but she does definitely seem to be showing a pattern of passive racism.

She really does need to take a long look at herself.


  1. Racism can have an internal logic to the racist -- unlike the combined commentaries on this and the local paper. On the club, she says she "admittedly" doesn't know of earlier incidents that could explain the city's action. That ignorance just might be because, as she wrote in her other commentary on the Journal Sentinel, she stopped reading the local paper -- which recently had stories on the number and severity of earlier incidents.

    She also must have missed the Gene Kane column on the club, because her commentary agrees with his column a while ago. Next thing we know, she'll echo Illusory Tenant. It must be a sign of the endtimes.

  2. She's not a racist. She has pictures of herself with black people.