Tuesday, December 18, 2007

McBride Wants The Fairness Doctrine

In a comment thread from her own blogsite, McBride states that she thinks the Fairness Doctrine is a bad thing:

Kay said...
Am I reading you correctly that you believe Ann Coulter is in the realm of journalism or that the Fairness Doctrine could somehow discourage free speech?
November 23, 2007 10:32 PM

McBride said...
Ann Coulter is an opinion-maker, just like Maureen Dowd is. Are they journalists? They are not objective journalists. They are opinion writers.

Would the Fairness Doctrine restrict and chill free speech? Yes. It already has.
November 23, 2007 11:44 PM

However, in a more recent post, in which she asks some of Whallah!'s esteemed colleagues to join her on her blogtalkradio program, she writes this:

Even though some liberal bloggers have libeled me, and called me the "C" word, I decided it would be interesting to invite a few of the more intelligent ones to do an end-of-the-year blog talk radio show with me and a few conservatives (names TBA). I did this in all sincerity. I get sick of hearing liberals talking to liberals and conservatives talking to conservatives sometimes. I thought an end-of-the-year show mixing it up in a respectful manner would be interesting to people and inform the public debate.
In other words, she was against the Fairness Doctrine before she was for it. There may be hope for her yet. (Plus she shows that she still can't let go of a grudge, but we already knew that.)


  1. I'm still trying to understand how the Fairness Doctrine is still "restricting and chilling free speech" since we don't have it anymore.
    Maybe it's mutated into some form of fairness for all the different conservatives? Like equal time for Gore bashers and the intelligent lifers?
    And, I still haven't figured out why she didn't allow my last comment to be posted. It was very respectfully written. And, was a follow up to the Fairness Doctrine bit.

  2. I don't see the fairness doctrine as being an impediment to free speech.

    However that being said, Air America has NOT been the overwhelming success that Al Franken thought it would be, and this Doctrine is just another way for the Democrats to force their views on a part of the population that really does not want it.

    After all, if the liberal view point was as popular as they would have you believe, Air America would be an overwhelming success.

    Although I do also think that a talk show with a Liberal and Conservative hosts could also be entertaining.

    However on the other side of the coin, it does seem to me that if this fairness doctrine is the way to go, that Air America and the progressives should be leading the effort by having conservative hosts on their programs.

    Or wouldn't the fairness doctrine apply to them?

  3. Actually, Michael, I wouldn't have a problem with Air America putting some conservatives on their programs.

    It would allow people to, gasp, hear both sides and, double gasp, make up their own minds.

  4. Kay, did you by any chance save your last comment. If you did, you can put it here, or even make a post of it. That's how I ended up getting involved into Whallah!

  5. It is telling that she's still carrying the "c-word" cross. It's such a red herring, meant to shut down discussion and draw attention away from disturbing revelations about her personal and professional life, her pathological self-regard and her half-baked politics. She still gets to be the center of attention, but protected by a nimbus of self-pity. By the way, I wonder what the most recent Mrs. Bucher would think of the use of that worse-than-Hitler, run-screaming-into-the-streets word.

  6. Hmm,
    Air America did not have the existing network system built for them like Limbaugh and all the rest of "entertainers come political pundits" had at their disposal via the void_of_conscience media bosses. The reality is they are like a small company competing with large mega corporations. Factoring that in along with the long years of the mass bathing of people's minds in the total urine of far right wing fear rhertoric makes them less of an unwanted commodity and more of victims of the LOSS OF THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE.

  7. capper, no it never crossed my mind to save the question....because it was so benign. Evidently she saw where I was going and decided not to pursue a disscussion based on the actual history of the Fairness Doctrine.

    And, I want to add to this discussion--as an ovary carrying member of the human race-- the "c" word....not so much of a big deal to most women now days. Not that it isn't harsh. But, how many times do we all use the slang for the description of the male reproductive organ to describe someone? Often. And, most women gasp at it because there is so little left to gasp at. And, women, overall, do like to toss out a few gasps here and there for effect.
    I'm much more insulted when someone tells me I don't understand something because it must be a "woman thing" to not catch on........That's usually when I use that male organ discription.