Friday, December 28, 2007

Either Way Works For Us

McIlheran really shouldn't try to argue points by himself. He only paints himself into a corner. This makes it even easier to point out the errors in his ways than it is to do so with McBride. And that's pretty damn easy.

His latest flub comes from trying to say that the Democratic tidal wave that occurred in 2006 was meaningless because the Republicans have been able to obstruct any forward movement offered by the Democrats. You know, real bad things. Like getting out of Iraq. Balancing the budget. Getting health care to needy kids.

He goes on to say it is because the Democrats were "reading the wrong message" when they gained all those seats. He ends his post with this:

They "got the wrong message from the election," our own Rep. Paul Ryan tells Blake. The 2006 result wasn't one of a "repudiation of conservative values," said Ryan. It was a call for "clean and transparent government." Had Dems stuck to centrist positions, they'd have run the place, says Ryan. They didn't.

Gee, I thought the Democrats won because they were sick of the Iraq War and the incompetence of Bush and the Republicans. But if he feels better by insisting it was because the wave was due tot he Republicans being corrupt and sneaky, well, then that is fine by us.

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  1. Is this the same douchebag that was a founder of the Congressional Republican group that wanted to privatize Social Security? The same do-nothing that gives quiet comfort to those groups that want to gun down abortion doctors? I'm sure McIlneran and Ryan are continually sending each other love notes, with pictures of aborted fetuses as attachments. Maybe they even dress up in surplus Army uniforms and lead their imaginary columns into Tehran. Good god, do these gasbags understand how transparent is their self-loathing cowardice?