Saturday, December 22, 2007

McBride Gets The Brush Off A Second Time

McBride seems to be having problems understanding how the real world works (with Whallah!'s observations in red, a la McBride):

Even though I increasingly just read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online, I'm still one of those types who favors the hard copy newspaper, displayed on my kitchen counter in the morning, while I drink a cup of coffee. (OK, so far.)

But I increasingly read it online. So, when my subscription expired recently, I didn't do anything about it for a couple weeks. Inevitably, I decided I missed having something to read with my coffee. So, I called the paper's circulation division and stated that I wanted to reorder the paper. I gave them my checking account information as payment. I still use their own credit union. Well, actually it just got bought out. But still. My checks still say 'Journal Credit Union.' (Procrastination is not a good thing for a journalist.)

A week went by. Every morning, I would trudge up the icy steps to the mailbox. But no paper. (In a house with a live-in trial lawyer, they have icy steps? Why, they could sue themselves!)

Annoyed when the Sunday paper wasn't there, either, I called them back a second time. They looked up my account and stated that they didn't know what I was talking about. No one had taken my order, the guy claimed! (Yeah, like he would lie about this.)

Perturbed, and having to do something else at that moment, I told the guy to figure out what happened and call me back if they decided they wanted my business. (Why not just redo the ordering? Or would that make too much sense?)

They never called back. So I've decided to forget them. I don't need the paper on my kitchen counter THAT badly. And by now I've gotten pretty used to not having it. I'll tell you what I won't do. Beg to get the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (That'll show them!! Harumph!)

These people really must be upset by their circulation declining.

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