Saturday, December 22, 2007

What If Illusory Tenant Had Posted This?

Here is a post from McBride in its entirety:
Shut your eyes if swear words offend you

I thought this was funny. I was on the website of the Rhinelander Daily News newspaper, and at the bottom of the story, they allow comments. But to post a comment, you have to type in the word verification thing to prove you're not a computer. This is the word they gave me to type in (I copied the .gif):

Sorry for offending anyone. But I thought that was pretty funny. Back to serious stuff.
Can you just imagine how many posts she would have to put up to express her outrage at those foul-mouthed liberal bloggers? And this is coming from someone that gets upset about the c-word? She makes hypocrisy an art form.

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