Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Potential Teacher

What is it with the right wing squawker brigade? Are they so far off or so deluded that they can't even use a fact to back up their arguments. Now, we have Mark Belling trying to out McBride McBride.

In a post, we find Bellowing bellowing about, what else, taxes. Yawn. Anyway, he tries to prove his point using the Laffer Curve. Mark tries to use this curve as a tool to prove taxes are too hight and that is why the government is not maximizing tax revenues.

However, Paul Soglin at Waxing America, points out that he is not using the curve the correct way (emphasis mine):

If you believe in this hocus-pocus, at least get it right. Laffer argues that there is an optimal point were the tax rate will result in the greatest revenue for the government.

Set the tax rate too high, and revenues decline. Set the rate to low and revenues decline.

In other words, taxes might be too low.

More misinformation from right wing Milwaukee talk radio.

Yeah, Paul, tell us something we don't already know.

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