Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey, Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone!

Brawler points out that McBride has been, shall we say, padding her credentials, with certain claims of having positions that she doesn't have. He also diligently follows up on this, and finds that she hasn't yet corrected this - ahem- oversight.

After reading this, and the comment thread, I almost felt sorry for her. So I thought I'd find a way to bolster her spirits, pick up her mood, and help her self-esteem. I thought, "Hey, none of us are her students, maybe she really is a good teacher, and just a bad blogger. Let's see what the kids think of her."

So I went to and looked up McBride. I found that she did have some students that had opinions to offer:

Its all about "me". This woman is has some real issues and needs to seek professional help. God help you if you if expose your moderate or left of center views

Boring, and she doesn't stop talking about herself!


Jessica tends to ramble about herself, her husband and child. She gets fixated on a few students. After taking her class, I don't know how UWM could give one biased a forum? I read a story in Milw Mag about how unfair she is. She herself admited that journalism wasn't fair. Huh? Perhaps she should teach creative writing. But she can't spell.

She teaches a class called itsallaboutme-ism

Biased **** beyond belief. Trashed the integrity of the entire department. She grades based on how hard you appear to laugh at her boring stories. I used to sit there and count off how many minutes she would be late, and then how many she'd talk about her boring kid, or her stupid life or her trouble finding parking... Generally 1/3 of classtime was wasted on her general blabber. It's a VERY easy A though, if you're willing to kiss her ass.

Hmmm...I guess that wasn't a good idea after all. Sorry, Jessica. But it still raises the question: Why is she teaching? And: If she has to teach, is journalism the best choice for her?


  1. So she's grooming future journalists *and* future Whallah! contributors.

  2. Nah, journalmeeism -- "journaling" about yourself -- is what students do in creative writing classes in other departments. It's all about expressing their feeeeelings, and not worrying about spelling and those pesky apostrophes, since doing so might damage their psyches or ids or something.

    Teaching about yourself is another matter, entirely.

  3. Funny, you forgot...

    "Jessica is a great teacher. She has a really great way of making you understand the material. She is intelligent, concise, and interesting. She really made class fun, and I enjoyed her "boring" stories:) Take her if you have the chance, it's worth your while."


    "Jessica seems nice, and is pretty interesting. "

  4. Anony 12:24-

    I didn't forget them, I just figured Jessica wrote them herself. Either that or had Rebecca K. write them for her.