Tuesday, December 18, 2007

McIlheran Uses Facts To Make Himself Look Silly

McIlheran has put up a couple of posts to save the American people from the latest threat to our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. No, it's not al Qaeda, high taxes, liberals or commies. He is on a crusade to save us from light bulbs and clean environments. What a guy he is!

In his second post to save the world, McIlheran talks about the supposed farce that personification of all things evil, the Kyoto Treaty. In his effort to vanquish his foe, he writes:

Between 1997, the year before the world achieved Kyoto Consciousness, and 2004, carbon dioxide worldwide rose 18 percent. Emissions from countries that signed the treaty increased 21 percent. Emissions from countries that didn't sign increased 10 percent. Emissions from the U.S. increased 6.6 percent.

You can do the math yourself off still more recent data: Download the figures here from the federal Department of Energy.
He makes a terrible (for him) flaw, and provides us with a table full of information. Oh, when will he ever learn. By giving people facts that they can look at, he always proves to be his own undoing.

Now, if one would happen to look at the table he provides, you can see his numbers appear to be correct. But a more discerning eye (like one that is open) would discern that the "small change" in the U.S. level of pollution is greater than the entire amount of pollution currently being created in all of Africa or all of Central and Southern America.

What McIlheran is hoping for, is that no one would notice that when you have a country like ours that produces so much pollution, that even a small change would equal a large amount of toxins being pumped into the environment.

With heroes like him, it's a wonder we're still alive.

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