Thursday, December 20, 2007

He's Just Jealous

McIlheran doesn't agree with Time magazine's choice for Man of the Year. He feels that it should have gone to General David Patraeus or even Irani President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad. McIlheran adds that he feels that Putin is "old school".

What McIlheran apparently doesn't understand is that neither Patraeus or Ahmadenijad are true leaders. They are figureheads at best. Petraeus has to answer to Bush and do his bidding, else be removed from command. Likewise, Ahmadenijad doesn't hold the real power in his country either.

But given the fact that McIlheran himself rarely shows an original thought, he is probably more comfortable liking these mountebanks.

1 comment:

  1. Col. McIlheran - HE should be Man of the Year, the rake. His war-like posts are just so gosh-darned manly and serious, yes, yes. You think he's a crackpot dork who compensates for his strange looks and lack of physical courage with fey and biting ministrations? You think he is a wet petard in print? That's because you just don't understand the enormity of his intellect, the grandness of his purpose. He is Patton, with glasses; a modern-day Marcellus, with a weak grip. Some day, yes some day, there will be bronze likenesses of him in the Tehran streets, where he will have led the cavalry charge, like Kitchener at Khartoum. You think he is as ferocious of a wet fart? Pray, you people just don't understand greatness.