Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Guess She Was Wrong--Again

Remember back a couple of weeks ago, when McBride was being snarky about Xoff (OK, when isn't she snarky about Xoff) and a few other senior liberals that are actually for peace. Can you believe it? Those fiends!

Anyway, at the end of her little snarkfest, she adds these lines:

By the way, where is Leo Burt? He's not Whallah, is he?

And what should break in the news today, but this story:

Tip on UW bombing fugitive leads nowhere

A tip that investigators hoped would lead them to Leo Burt, a suspect in the bombing of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Sterling Hall and a federal fugitive for more than 37 years, proved fruitless, authorities said.

"It proved to be nothing," FBI spokesman Leonard Peace said. "Leo Burt is not in custody.

"Robert Fassnacht, a 33-year-old graduate student, was killed in the Aug. 24, 1970, early morning bombing. Four others were injured. The fertilizer bomb in a van was so powerful that it damaged 26 other buildings. Pieces of the van were found on top of an eight-story building three blocks from Sterling Hall.

Burt, who according to the FBI is either 57 or 59, was accused of assisting three men in the bombing. Karl Armstrong; his brother, Dwight Armstrong; and David Fine were arrested, imprisoned and paroled decades ago.

But Burt has somehow eluded arrest.

There's more to the story, but you get the drift.

Whallah! is waiting for a copy of the police report. Until then, we will not comment on the speculation that McBride called the authorities on us.

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