Sunday, December 2, 2007

Doublebarreled miss from Ms. McBride

Well, our friend Jessica McBride lets go with both barrels today. She's about as good a shot as Dick Cheney.

First, I make her list of calcified radicals."

I'm honored to be in that distinguished company. My only regret is that someone more qualified did not make the selections for the Wisconsin Radicals Hall of Fame.

Secondly, she claims I have it all wrong on the war in this post, in which I warn that Democrats could be heading down the road to defeat if they soften their stance on the Iraq war.

I will only be happy, she says, if Bush fails.


It is not that I will "only be happy if Bush fails."

I will only be happy when we end this senseless bloodshed and bring our troops home.

That's why I'm working on the Iraq Moratorium, one of the things that makes me a calcified radical.

Had she read what I wrote, instead of just an excerpt, she would know I am equally hard on the Democrats. Unfortunately, she doesn't link to that, so her readers can't find out for themselves.

So it goes.

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