Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Two Faces Of McBride

Xoff has already talked about the post in which McBride calls him and other activists who actually want to do constructive regarding the unjust war in Iraq.

However, there is another part of her same post that caught my eye. As she slanders Xoff and company, she has a link to a person named Leo Burt, who apparently is wanted by the FBI, for terrorist activities.

At the end of her post, she has this little line:

By the way, where is Leo Burt? He's not Whallah, is he?

Now, not to get into the fact that there are about a dozen of us at Whallah!, and not just one person, it is interesting that this is coming from the same person who goes around threatening people with restraining orders for referring to her with a naughty word.

Could her words be considered libel? Perhaps Whallah! would need to consult with an attorney. IT, are you available? Does McBride need to retain a real attorney?

Or does this mean that the liberals can stoop to the level of the conservatives, without fear of retribution or condemnation?


  1. Perhaps she fantasizes that only an FBI-class wanted-poster 60s bomber could be clever and cunning enough to criticize her.

    Not that she ever reads Whallah.

  2. McBride's posting about Vietnam suggests she hasn't read one word about it.

    For her to make fun of George McGovern, who won the Distinguished Flying Cross in WWII, saving his plane and crew, and who for the last ten years has been feeding the world's hungry children through a meal plan funded by both the Clinton and Bush 43 administrations, suggests she doesn't know one thing about the man.

    No wonder WTMJ fired her.

    She gets her kicks throwing mudballs. She doesn't deserve your attention.

  3. You'd think that she might at least be aware of those calcified radicals, the Vietnam veterans who created an extraordinary network of alternative media newspapers against the war -- well before almost anyone else was against the war.

    So she's calling out as "calcified" now and wrong even then a lot of veterans who actually went to war, unlike her and apparently most conservative bloggers who just talk big. As a journalism teacher, she really ought to learn about the power of the press as they used it.

    She could learn a lot from them. So could a lot of her students, who might need to know the past, as they may be destined to repeat it soon.

  4. Libel? Doubtful. What you're critiquing here is parody. Its author just doesn't realize it.