Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Incite

I had the (mis) fortune of actually being able to watch Sykes Sunday Incite for his year in review. It was the usual cast of suspects, and had the usual tirades against all things good and promotion of all things dumb.

There were a few highlights worth mentioning.

While they were all singing the praises of General David Patraeus, and they all credited him for not losing the war in Iraq, not one of them could or would say that we were winning.

They would all lament that David Clarke, nor anyone else was running against Barrett, and call Barrett the "missing mayor", but then praise his selection of Ed Flynn for police chief. If he was absent and doing nothing, how did he get this supposedly wonderful person (he hasn't started yet, so it's kinda hard to judge his performance) and why are there no challengers?

Even though we know Charlie reads Mike Mathias' work, so how did he miss the fact that waterboarding is torture?

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