Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lying, Spinning, Or Just Obtuse

McBride congratulates WISN-TV for getting Mike Gousha to come work for them. She even calls Mr. Gousha a class act, which I can agree with. But then she pulls a classic McBride:

I miss more local content on morning TV since Belling pulled the plug on his show.

The only thing is, Belling didn't pull the plug on his show. The sponsors did. From Tim Cuprisin's blog:

Clear Channel Broadcasting ended its sponsorship and support of the television show at the beginning of 2007. Since then CBS 58 has supported the show with hopes of securing sponsorships to keep the show on the air, but met with little success.

“When Clear Channel dropped Belling and Co., we moved forward with securing sponsorship funding for Mark’s show on our own,” stated Jim Hall, General Manager, “but it really just came down to dollars and cents, unless there is a surprising turn of events, Belling & Co. has aired its last show.

Do you think she's lying intentionally, just spinning, or is simply that obtuse?


  1. Jessica McBride is to Mike Gousha what Krazy King Konzol is to Warren Buffett.

    Or, rather, Jessica McBride is to Krazy King Konzol what Mike Gousha is to Warren Buffett.

  2. Actually, Belling pulled the show because it was offered he and the panelists could do their show for free. Belling declined.

  3. James

    Where's Belling's statement? Did he document this, or is it something that he spouted on his radio show?