Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You Know, A Good Journalist Would Get The Facts Straight

It has been mentioned before, repeatedly, that McBride does not always appear to have a full grasp of reality. An example would be her issue with concealed carry laws. She somehow thinks that a person with his arms full of pizza boxes will be able to drop the boxes, pull a handgun out of somewhere and shoot it out with multiple assailants. All without being instantly killed and adding another gun to the criminal world.

Now in the wake of that murder, she posts another inane item, this time calling for the courts to give Andres Vegas his gun back. As a reminder to the reader, Andres Vegas is another pizza delivery guy that was mugged twice, and had bought some guns to protect himself. After shooting someone, the police took his guns away.

McBride is demanding that Mr. Vegas get his gun back. Um, note to McBride, he already did, two weeks ago.

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  1. Would that be the same Andres Vegas, the Pizza Delivery guy, who fended off 2 different armed robbery attempts, presumably while carrying an arm full of pizza boxes?