Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Note To Our Readers

You may notice a small change in the Whallah! posts, starting today. We are going to try to link to the squawker's websites as infrequently as possible. We will still provide the pertinent quotes from their posts, but we are trying to minimize the traffic going from here to their sites.

It will mean a little more work for us, but to tweak their already over-sized egos, it will be worth it. If the gentle reader feels the need to see the post for themselves, a link to their sites has been provided on the right side column. Sometimes linking will be inevitable, but I am sure that you, gentle reader, can understand what we are trying to do.

Thank you.


  1. It's what they have been doing to you and others on the left for years. I was even axed from their blogrolls a couple of years ago, let alone getting a link.

  2. Yeah, well, better late than never. I won't remove them from the blogrolls, though. When people read them, it makes Whallah! look even better (if that's possible).

  3. I like it better that you guys do the unappetizing work of reading those degenerates. Sort of like eating tripe. Someone has to scrape the crap off the stomach lining.

  4. Hadn't quite thought of it that way. Thanks, I think?

    Capper, I've no idea where Rock is.

  5. Man, am I ever glad that I didn't read anony's comment before dinner. It was bad enough to read it after.

    Good thing I got a cast iron stomach, eh?