Sunday, December 9, 2007

Queen Of The Grudges

In the previous post, it was noted that McBride sometimes lets her hatred get the better of her. It has also been noted that McBride loves to hold onto a grudge.

Now, she has mastered the two in a single post. The object of her hatred is her all-time favorite target, Eugene Kane, who points out the racial stereotyping that often happens in certain news stories, such as the recent mall shooting in Omaha.

McBride, who, again, either didn't read it, or was so consumed with her hatred, wrote this:

Eugene Kane column today in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Mall shooter fit angry white male profile

Imagine a headline that read:

Shooter fit angry black male profile

Can't imagine it? Neither can I. It would be considered racist. It would NEVER make it in the newspaper. Heck, if I'd said that on my radio show, Jim Rowen and Illusory Tenant would have called for my firing. And WTMJ would probably have complied.

Then again, if you read Kane's entire column, he almost seems to be arguing for individual responsibility and racial profiling. I think. What exactly IS his point in this column?

So, not only is she bashing Kane, and (willfully?) misreading his column, but she goes after James Rowen (who she apparently still blames for her being canned from the radio station), she brings up IT (who had nothing to to do with either her firing or Kane's article), and confuses the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (a newspaper) for WTMJ (a radio station).

And then she wonders why people question her professionalism, or why she is allowed to teach journalism. Go figure.

SIDENOTE TO DAD29: Anger is a common symptom of clinical depresssion. (For those who are confused, read the comments section in McBride's post, in which Dad29 tries to deny the commonality between depression and anger.)


  1. I thought she already got fired ages ago.

  2. She did. She just has a hard time dealing with reality, and letting go of the past.

  3. Well, at least it's flattering to be mentioned alongside Mr. Rowen. He does good work.

    Having read Kane's column, I suppose the lesson to be learned here is that it's apparently objectionable to muse about racial stereotyping of criminals, but engaging in "wild guesses" based in racial stereotypes of crime victims is perfectly acceptable.

  4. I presume you are referring to this fine moment in McBride's storied accomplishments.