Thursday, December 27, 2007

Must Have Been "The Good Kind" Of Sexual Assault

McBride has done several posts over the years demonizing sex offenders, especially child sex offenders. Whallah! agrees with her that this is one of the most, if not the most, horrifying crimes one person could commit upon another person.

She has also repeatedly crowed about her husband, Paul, and how tough he is on crime. He even (ineffectively) prosecuted former Packer tight end Mark Chmura.

So one cannot help but be surprised by this story from MSJ:

A former girls varsity assistant basketball coach at Mukwonago High School accused in the sexual assault of a student failed to show up for his initial court appearance Wednesday, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

But Waukesha County Circuit Court Commissioner Martin Binn said he would hold off on enforcing the warrant for the arrest of Todd J. Huth, 57, until Jan. 2, the new date Binn set for Huth to appear in court to face five felony counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff.

If Huth doesn't appear for the January court date, sheriff's deputies will seek to arrest him.

Huth's attorney, Paul Bucher, said Wednesday that Huth, of East Troy, was at a family gathering in Michigan. Bucher said he had sought earlier this month to have Huth's Wednesday's court appearance rescheduled, but the Waukesha County district attorney's office would not agree.

Perhaps this is why McBride hasn't posted anything for a while. Maybe she is trying to come up with an apology to some Milwaukee attorneys that she has badmouthed, repeatedly. After all, isn't this the kind of story that she would be bashing the defense attorney and the courts?


  1. Well, since she, like other reporters at the Sentinel, always started with the proposition that someone is guilty because they have been charged, it will take great acrobatics for her to defend the defense of a(n alleged) kiddie diddler. Then, again, someone has to pay the hot tub heating costs, since her "faculty" position at UWM won't cut it.

  2. The tub will be hot. She makes more at UWM than many faculty make, even in her own department. (Their pay is public information.)

  3. Yes -- she makes $55,000 per year, which is not bad. It looks like Atty. Bucher has been building up a portfolio of cases of drug and sex offenders. It appears that the cases that have closed have found the clients guilty, but there are a number of cases pending. Here's a link to the honor roll of Waukesha County defendants:;jsessionid=6DC999EE1D33FD39AF952513B3828A8D.render1?cacheId=A5FE2C03773BB5FE40B38F1DE6FC07F1&offset=50&sortColumn=1&sortDirection=ASC


  4. Now, dang it, Michael, I was saving that for the right moment.

  5. That lady makes 55K? There better be snow removal included in that contract.

  6. That's a 55K base -- plus more for piling on summer and other extra courses, more than many actual faculty who have to go up for tenure can handle.

    Adds up to more than $70K.
    But no, not for handling snow piles, too.

  7. Paul's income will go up next year - 09 - if he gets reelected to DA. Don't laugh. Wait and see.

  8. What does it say about the respect that Bucher must have (not) with his former employees/colleagues that they wouldn't agree to his request for a later hearing date?

  9. Why don't you just get over the Chmura thing? It's been what, 7 years? I also hear that Bucher and Chmura buried the hatchet and Chmura supported him for AG.

  10. Maybe he's not defending him. Just taking money for the hot tub.

  11. $26

    Paul Bucher: Republicans suck
    Some Republican critics of AG hopeful J.B. van Hollen have suggested that van Hollen's dropping the S-bomb during his hilarious WTMJ debate with Paul Bucher suggest he's too thin-skinned to run for office.

    From the wayback machine, this 5/3/01 Spivak & Bice column demonstrates how his GOP opponent Paul Bucher demonstrated grace under pressure:

    Just about all the heavies in the Republican Party are letting it be known that Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher isn't their pick to run for the open attorney general's seat.

    Bucher, however, sounds clueless.

    Despite suffering a humiliating courtroom defeat in the national spotlight in the Mark Chmura rape case, Bucher says he still has his sights set on becoming the state's top cop.

    "I can't imagine why they would think it (the Chmura case) would be a negative," Bucher said, insisting that the only feedback he's received has been very positive. "It depends on what spin you want to put on it."


    One GOP bigwig said that losing the Chmura case appears to have extinguished the fire that Bucher would need in his belly to run a statewide campaign. Still, Bucher is not giving any public hint that he's lost interest.

    Told this week that many in the party don't want the AG's race to be a referendum on his handling of the Chmura case, Bucher brushed aside the concerns, saying he eagerly welcomes a "referendum on holding people responsible."

    "The party can do what the party wants," Bucher snapped. "I'm going to do what Paul Bucher wants to do."

    Countered one party stalwart: "If he wants to have a referendum on holding people responsible, he's going to be killed."

    If he were on the other side, the GOP activist said, "I'm going to have a field day with his qualifications. I'm going to have a field day with his personality in court. He's the guy who lost the case. Court TV is the worst thing that happened to him. Court TV killed him."

    One Republican senior statesman put it more succinctly. "It's fatal."

    The statesman said this potentially messy situation can be handled discreetly -- when Bucher, who has all of $26 in his campaign account, begins hitting up the fat cats for money.

    "He'll get a lukewarm response from people, and he'll figure out it's not his turn."

    Remind me: What did Paul Bucher ultimately decide he wanted to do?

  12. Please enlighten me I'm confused.
    When did Bucher get the divorce and the hot tub? When did he and McBride get married? I know they have a two year old daughter but the link to his law firm bio says they have 5 kids. He lost for AG in 06, he couldn't afford to run in 01. When did he say no to Tommy?
    1995? 1989? Wasn't he appointed DA in 1988? This can be your year-end history quiz.

  13. Yes, the Chmura case should be forgotten, just as I'm sure Republicans will never talk about Bill Clinton's adultery again. How 'bout we make a deal: You ass clowns agree to lay off Slick Willie and we'll lay off local luminaries such as Tommy Thompson, Paul Bucher, Charlie Sykes, Jessica McBride, et al. Deal? (And one reason I'm a Democrat is because I don't pretend to speak from some lofty personal moral height; I just enjoy nabbing hypocrites in the act.)

    But yeah, ANON, it's great pub for Bucher to have reconciled with Mark Chmura. Maybe he can run some ads for Bucher, an all-is-forgiven type thing. What do they have in common, besides being major-league tools? They like hot tubs. So there's that.

  14. five felonies and 1k bail. $200 per assault. bet the vic feels great. btw i heard anon is full of hot air regarding chmura. word is hes still a bitter

  15. Linda and Paul split in 1999. Paul was the petitioner. That was part of the reason he did not run in 2001. Can't help you with the rest.

  16. Paul and Linda, John and Yoko how sweet.

  17. That kind of prosecutor

    Bucher never shied away from doing what he thought was right

  18. Admirals official charged in assaults
    A volunteer wrestling coach at Waukesha West High School and marketing coordinator for the Milwaukee Admirals was charged today with two felony counts of sexual assault of a child, according to a criminal complaint filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

    Timothy J. Steimel, 25, of Greenfield, is accused in the criminal complaint of sexually assaulting in 2006 and 2007 a student and of sexually assaulting the student's 12-year-old brother at a Christmas Party on Dec. 26 at the boys' home.

    According to the complaint, the assaults of the high school student started during the summer of 2006 when the student was 15 and continued into 2007 when the student was 16.

    Jack Bothwell, human resources director for the Waukesha School District, said Steimel is not a paid employee. He did not know what volunteer position Steimel held at Waukesha West High School, but the criminal complaint states he was a volunteer junior varsity wrestling coach.

    The Waukesha West wrestling coach, Dale Van Keuren, did not return a phone call seeking comment.

    A spokesman for the Admirals said Steimel was not at work on Wednesday. The organization declined to comment on the allegations.

    According to the complaint, Steimel admitted to fondling the high school student but denied having sexual contact with the student's 12-year-old brother.

    Steimel is charged with first degree sexual assault of a child under 13 without great bodily harm and sexual assault of a child under 16. If convicted of both charges, Steimel could face as much as 100 years in prison.


    Guess Capper was right on the silence since this appear in JSOnline on Bucher's plan for dismissal.

  20. Does anyone know if Atty. Bucher ever had an opponent for any of his district attorney election contests