Thursday, December 13, 2007

Common Themes

A tour of the cheddarsphere today shows that Pundit Nation pointing out the foolishness of one David Hazinski, who thinks that there should be some sort of regulation placed upon citizen journalism. Mr. Hazinski states he is suggesting this due to his concern that there is a "strong probability of fraud and abuse." Mathias points out some of the occasions that the "professional journalists" have committed those very same offenses.

Meanwhile, Tim Rock has a graphic presentation on how our own McBride has a propensity of going to absurd ends to try to make an irrational point seem rational. If you think he is being hyperbolic, just read this post of McBride's, in which she tries to deny she is pro-war.

But as the Brawler points out in some of the best investigative reporting ever seen in this city, this rash of abuse and fraud are so prevalent, when one of the people teaching the journalists of tomorrow is an abusive fraud herself.


  1. Is that picture of her real? Too creepy to be real. It has to have been doctored by you left-wing haters. Quit publishing unflattering pictures or images of her. Think of her as Mohammed.

  2. Is it okay to use the "c" word to refer to that picture? As in "creepy," or, perhaps, "curdling?"

  3. Yeah, she's not pro-war. And yet anyone who expresses any skepticism about the war or the motives of the administration are subject to her attempts at ridicule. Her dishonesty seeps through every every facet.