Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taking The Good With The Bad

McBride appears to be suffering from a little cabin fever with a post in which she is complaining about the amount of coverage the local media is giving to the snowstorm today. In the post she makes one good point, and one bad point.

The good point:

Although watching Tim Cuprisin trying to stick a plastic ruler in the snow is a lot more enjoyable than watching all the TV reporters who, with straight faces, stand there and "inform" us about what's going on outside our own windows. WE GET IT ALREADY!!!! IT'S SNOWING A LOT!!!!
See, she gets one right once in a while (even if she uses too many exclamation points). Almost everyone can agree that the local TV stations get carried away with the report out in the blizzard, rainstorm, hurricane, etc. type of story.

But she can't leave well enough alone:

Oh, and note to radio talk show hosts: When we're stuck at home because of the snow, we would enjoy hearing you talk about the issues, since normally we don't get to listen during the day, rather than hear your endless commentary about the snow we're not driving in anyway. Snow just isn't that interesting!

Note to Jessica: Not all of us are overpaid, unqualified public employees sucking off the public teat and getting to stay home on a snow day. Those of us that take our work seriously and have to be out on the road want to know what's going on.

And besides, listening to how much snow they have in Cudahy versus how much snow they have in Germantown is much more interesting than anything any talk show host would have been saying anyway.


  1. Her subtext: "If I were on the radio, I would be talking about the real issues that matter. Me, me, me, me, look at me, I would be talking about the issues! I and I alone am of value, I am smart and witty and people like me! Daddy, do you love me? Daddy?"

  2. She does have denial down to an artform, doesn't she?