Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's Good For The Goose...

In the same post in which McBride bristles that Xoff and this Tim Rock person would dare to insult her, McBride has this to say:

I found the responses laughable but also sort of disappointing. This is what passes for discourse in Wisconsin these days. Shouldn't the blogosphere strive for more? If this is all it's going to amount to, its influence will only wane. Rock's response was also pretty funny. He thinks I gain legitimacy by having liberals on my Internet show? I gain legitimacy with the people I respect by TRASHING liberals on my Internet show. Especially those like him. By the way, some blogger no one's ever heard of named "Tim Rock" is talking to ME about legitimacy?

So, she admits that she is writing an abuse/hate blog. Well, then, I guess she would have to admit that Whallah!, which she calls a lefty abuse/hate blog, is legitimate as well.

Not that we would ever look to McBride for validation. We would prefer to get the approval of someone who is reality-based.

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  1. The poverty of an argument is exposed when criticism is deflected by deriding it and not responding to it. Which is the mother's milk of her unreadable columns. It's attitude posing as thought and boring attitude at taht. She continually uses the lazy, "um," to start her rejoinders, when she's not finding things "hilarious" or "laughable." You've misrepresented your record. Is that funny? You lied to your editors about your relationship with a married man who you were covering for the paper, then went through with the adulterous schema. Har-har-har. You insert yourself into arguments with which you have no handle and have become yourself a laughingstock, a punchline. Tee-hee-hee.