Sunday, December 2, 2007

She Must Be Feeling A Little Insecure

In another effort to bolster her own self-importance, McBride posts a minor lie about a subject she knows nothing about. OK, OK, I realize that still could be anything.

Anyway, what she writes is this:

I just got a press release from Scott Walker announcing that he's running for County Executive again. Now, if it announced another bid for governor....

I know, I know. He can't announce that until after he defeats Lena Taylor.

First of all, it wasn't a press release, it was an email that was automatically generated by his campaign website. Even Whallah! gets this dreck.

And would someone please tell her that he did run for governor. He couldn't even make it to the primary, which he would have lost anyway.

But for some real journalism, I would like to refer the gentle reader to a post written by a witty, detail-orientated, fact-using man who also happens to be amazingly handsome (sorry, ladies, he is already taken, and has morals a bit higher than some certain right-wing bloggers/radio hosts). This amazing post can be found here.

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