Sunday, December 2, 2007

He Was Against Them Before He Was For Them

We have already talked about how McIlheran does a mean flip-flop. Now he is committing a reverse flip-flop.

McIlheran, like the rest of the right-wing squawk brigade, doesn't like fees imposed by the government. "They're just another word for taxes" they squawk.

Now, we find that McIlheran actually likes fees. In fact, he is suggesting them. Channeling his inner Tom Reynolds, McIlheran is suggesting that the Dept. of Transportation expand the I-94 system to eight lanes, with the extra lanes being for high speed travel. He further explains that this could be paid for by use of a special toll fee.

I guess some fees are OK, as long as they benefit your Big Business buddies. James Rowen and Sprawled Out share their thoughts on this matter as well.

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