Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sykes Starts The New Year On Wrong Foot

We all know Sykes can do stupendously stupid things, like the COEXIST issue. Now, he is showing us that Whallah! will be having a very busy 2008 when he does his first bone-headed maneuver of the year.

It seems that a person took umbrage with Sykes' Sunday Incite show and Sykes' habitual distortion of the facts, and wrote a letter to management expressing his disappointment and asking Sykes to be let go. Here is the letter:

Last Sunday, in the Sunday 'Insight' program, Mr. Sykes said that a bloody room in an outbuilding found in Iraq identified as a 'torture' chamber was where torture took place, and that waterboarding was not torture.

Waterboarding has long been identified as torture by US government authorities. Service personnel have been disciplined for doing it and captured enemies have been disciplined for waterboarding US personnel. International judicial organizations recognize waterboarding as torture.

Now, George W. Bush has decided that waterboarding is no longer torture, based, apparently, on his dis-interpretation of the powers of the Presidency to decide whatever he wants. Mr. Bush was the president of a chapter of a fraternity that is notorious for hazing (torture) and pranks, and it is apparent that he relishes hazing the world with war and unconscionable practices, such as waterboarding.

The United States of America has sacrificed mightily blood and treasure to bring peace to the world's conduct, including the elimination of cruel and unusual methods such as waterboarding. Mr. Bush, and his supporters like Mr. Sykes, return the world to darker, more cruel, practices - a step backwards to the practices of our, and civilization's, enemies.

This moral defect on the part of Mr. Sykes should disqualify him from regular access to the broadcast airways. Please remove him from employment at WTMJ.

Thank you.

The one thing that Sykes included, but Whallah! excluded was the author's name, address and phone number. Now, most people will leave contact information when making a complaint to any company so that a follow-up can be done. Sykes takes that information and publishes it.

Only after receiving a lot of flak from commenters, and having it brought up by Tim Cuprisin, who called TMJ management, did Sykes remove the address and phone number. (NOTE: Be sure to read the comments at Cuprisin's site, there are some very good ones.)

Then he snidely proves that he doesn't understand his own hypocrisy (and inability to spell) with this line:

Fascinating how the left and certain critics managed to ignore the intolerance on dispaly (sec)and tried to turn a demand for my firing into an example of..... (wait for it)....... my meanness.

Actually, Charlie, I would call it a flagrant act of decency that people called on your arrogant, bullying ways.

I don't know if it is funny or just plain sad that Charlie likes to claim the right of free speech when he slanders someone, but feels threatened when others exercise their rights.

H/T to numerous readers.


  1. How on earth is this an issue? The writer included the information; he posts it on his own website... so what is the beef?

  2. One of the lazy acts for which members of every political stripe are guiltiy is how everything that you don't like is "fascinating," "hilarious," or "laughable." I'm not "fascinated" by one of Sykes's bullshit rants. I'm appalled or repelled. I don't find it "hilarious" that Jessica McBride helped to break up a marriage and violated basic journalism ethical standards when she did it. I'm disgusted. I know satire, and that ain't it. It's just weak-minded to express one's views like that, but in keeping with the snide and whiny tone of the nation of right-wingers who appropriate the victimhood labels even when they don't see it. As for Sykes? I'll validate his martyr complex. I really do hope bad things for him, just as, if he was telling the truth instead of channeling the sarcasm of a 12-year-old girl, he does for me.

  3. And wallah begins the new year as it ended the old... whining; looking for fake issues... in otehr words as a parasite written by bitter, lonely losers who can't think of anything better to do thn nip at the ankles of other people.

  4. This is Wallah:

    "As for Sykes? I'll validate his martyr complex. I really do hope bad things for him."

    Pure, unadulterated hate.


  5. And your lefties say that sykes is MEAN???? Can you read the comments here?

  6. "And your lefties say that sykes is MEAN???? Can you read the comments here?"

    Welcome to Whallah! anonymous! I hope you enjoy your time here!

  7. What are you defenders of this adultering fabulist implying? That Charlie Sykes is kind and he elevates the discussion, as opposed to this mean 'ol Web site, whose followers are losers, but apparently you who get riled up about their posts are not? There is no equivalency here. Sykes has a record of bad acts, lies consistently, beats up the most vulnerable and does it in such a hypocritcal way as to be an outrage. His lurking defenders are just as pathetic as he is, the difference being that he gets to laugh all the way to the bank. You folks? You just get your bigoted bumper stickers.

  8. "I really do hope bad things for him" is not "pure, unadulterated hate." Mocking a religous tolerance campaign inspired by Holocaust survivors seems to me to qualify as "pure, unadulterated hate." Loser. Go pin some more yellow ribbon magnets on to something to thank someone else's kids that you have this kind of freedom.

  9. Anon 5:38-It's a big deal because the missive was directed towards the management, not for Sykes to publish so that the rampaging Chuckleheads can harass this guy to no end.

    Anon 5:40-Is that you Charlie?

    Anon 5:41-Where do you get the "I really do hope bad things for him" nonsense? Or is this Charlie again, just ignoring the truth and making up your own facts?

  10. What's with the righteous right having affairs and getting divorced? I thought that was only Guilianni.

  11. Liberal reader here: I detect not a bit of substance on either side of this debate. This site is worthless. Good Bye.

  12. Wouldnb't it be nice if a lying, thieving crook like Jim Mcguigan could actually get a job?

  13. That is about as ugly a thread as you will ever see....

  14. If you think this has been ugly hang on to your socks. You ain’t seen nothing.

    In the next couple of days there will be some revelations that make Charlie and Mrs. Mc Bride look like choir boys

  15. In the next couple of days there will be some revelations that make Charlie and Mrs. Mc Bride look like choir boys.

    Ok, don't do that. It sounds like you're channeling your inner-McBride.

  16. Didn't know Milwaukee had so many toadies until I read the replies on Sykes' blog on his waving the letter around. Brave guy. Charlie has his widely read (unfortunately) blog and his high power radio station. This poor guy thought he'd simply write a letter to the station manager. In fact you've got to wonder about the ethics of the station manager to let the letter to go public.

    Two things:

    The letter must have hit close to home for Sykes to make a big deal about it.

    Sykes probably felt by spotting this guy out it will discourage more letters. Maybe we should write a flow of letters and then he could single out all of us.

    For those who seem to not regard Charlie as a mean little weasel, check out his flaying attacks on the Interfaith Council of Greater Milwaukee. Pretty disgusting.