Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jessica, there's a reason reporters might not know war supporters

As habitues of the cheddarsphere know, the Brawler enjoys taking respites, typically announced, from blogging. It clears the mind, refreshes, recharges, etc. All the better to continue the cause of the hate left!

Sadly, taking a break did little -- if anything -- to sharpen Jessica's sense of the world.

In a recent, thuddingly obvious post about John McCain, Jessica writes:

Now that John McCain won New Hampshire, the media are in overdrive trying to analyze why conservatives have been cold to him. The MSM reporters/pundits
keep saying it's because of McCain's steadfast support for the war. I heard the pundits on cable news say that last night, and Craig Gilbert in the MJS floated the same theory today in the newspaper. The AP did it too, before New Hampshire's vote, stating:

MILFORD, N.H. --Sen. John McCain and his "Straight Talk Express"
returned to New Hampshire highways Saturday, dragging with them questions about whether the Arizona Republican could repeat his 2000 primary win, despite his support for unpopular war in Iraq.

Granted, there are many independents in New Hampshire. But McCain is running as a Republican.McCain's support for the war has always been pretty much THE ONLY reason conservatives like him (along with his pro-life views). Maybe the reporters just don't know anyone who supports the war, so they can't fathom
that it might be a positive in some corners. But it is.

A couple problems with Jessica's "analysis":

  1. Independents can vote in the New Hampshire -- and independents hate the war. So it's a legitimate question.
  2. Jessica uses "conservative" and "Republican" interchangeably. In the context of support for the war in Iraq, that's not the case.
But the thing that hit the Brawler was her snide "maybe the reporters just don't know anyone who supports the war."

Even if that were the case, reporters would have an excellent excuse: The vast majority of Americans -- including families with members who've served or are currently serving in Iraq -- think the war was not worth the cost and want the U.S. out of there in a year or less.

It's not the reporters who are cut off from the main on this issue, Jessica. It's you.


  1. Jessica never had an original thought in her life. Someone has always told her what to think, hence what to write. First it was her father. Nowadays it's Charlie, Sean, Rush, ann or some other right winger that does the work and then she ties into their work and regurgitates it as something original.

  2. Wow, when did she EVER follow her father's thoughts? He's a liberal, has been since his Madison days, as noted here and on other blogs by those who knew him then.

  3. I'll say it again: When Jessica McBride gets the children from her husband's previous marriages to enlist and fight her wonderful war, then she can speak with some credibility. When the tin generals Charlie Sykes and Patrick McIlheran send some of their blood over to be spilled, then I'll listen to what they have to say.

  4. It's sort of sexist to ascribe McBride's idiocy to these other men. No, she comes by stupid on her own.