Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where In The World Is Jessica McBride?

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the sudden, drastic, and thus far, unexplained slow down by Jessica McBride.

So far, the only definitive word has been from McBride, who in a comment thread, said that she's been "real busy".

Many of the readers of Whallah! have offered their opinions. A commenter on McBride's post even speculated that Mr. McBride, Paul Bucher, was applying for the new opening in the Attorney General's office. Even looking past the animosity between Bucher/McBride and Van Hollen, Grumps points out that Bucher is not likely to give up on the gravy train.

Whallah! may have found her. It is reasonable to believe she is leading the charge described in this AP article:

Paper blasted for 'Texan of the Year'

By Annabelle Garay
Associated Press Writer

DALLAS (AP) -- When editorial writers at The Dallas Morning News chose the illegal immigrant as the newspaper's Texan of the Year, they expected some criticism. But not this: 800 blog postings and more than 150 letters to the editor blasting the decision.

Some of the critics threatened to cancel subscriptions or pressure advertisers to stop doing business with the paper.

"What an asinine article!!!" exclaimed one reader.

"What part of stupid are you guys that support illegal aliens? This puts us ALL in danger," another wrote.

Editorial writer Rodger Jones said he was "surprised at the nastiness" of the backlash, some of which came from readers who had only seen the editorial's headline.


  1. Bingo. You got it. Paul's gonna run for govner of Texas and you know what follows that.

  2. Did anyone hear from any students. Maybe they know something.

  3. Maybe Mr. McB wants to add to his pension

    Maybe Mr. McB wants to add to his sick leave

    Maybe Mr. McB doesn't like his new job

    Maybe his new job doesn't like Mr. McB

    The Supreme Court job would have been a cool gig. 10 years. No unemployment worries.

  4. She's working on her detective novel. Someone please find an excerpt of that-I haven't been regular lately.

  5. Maybe she is at home laughing at all the attention she is getting from the liberals with absolutely no effort.

  6. "Nowhere is closer to purgatory than Milwaukee in November. Death spread its unhealthy pallor across the city. Corpses of Maple leaves fluttered around, given bursts of life from a squall heading over Lake Michigan. Milwaukee police detective Ken Schweppe swung open the door to Blast's Tap, for the last time, thinking that the weather matched his mood. It was hard to be happy in Milwaukee this time of year."