Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pardonnez Moi, S'il Vous Plait

In last Sunday's Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, they ran one of McIlheran's attempts at sophisticated humor. I personally would have more expectations at humor and rational arguments from a four year old with Attention Deficit Disorder.

In his column, he has all these quaint little definitions of political buzz words that will be popping up in the current election cycle. I won't bore you with his boorish (lack of) witticism, but would point out the last one of his column:

Foreign words and phrases: If it's Latin, the writer's a conservative. If it's French, he's a liberal.

This only shows you how distorted McIlheran's sense of reality is. If one were to follow this rule of thumb, one would have to believe that Madamoiselle Phelony Jones is a liberal, and that our friend, Illusory Tenant, is conservative.

Of course, if one looks at who he thinks has interesting points, the fact that his view of the world is more than somewhat distorted.

He also forgot the part about: If it's written in gibberish, it's a member of the local right wing media squawk brigade.


  1. Didn't he just use "anomie"?

    That's French and pretentious.

  2. I think this must mean that Paddy does not know either language.

  3. So does saying "whallah" make McBride a liberal?

    Or is that some other language?

  4. Xoff, I certainly hope that it is some other language, like McBridean French. If it is pure french, she is a liberal, and we would all be conservatives.