Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What Sykes Said Today

During my busy morning, I did have the (mis)fortune of catching some of Sykes show. Three things stood out to me.

  1. He backs Rudy Guiliani. Must be something about Rudy that he finds familiar.
  2. He was griping about the feds wanting to offer coupons so that people could buy adaptors for their TVs when everything goes HD next year. He feels that everyone should just be forced to buy a new TV. He whines that people can't afford another $6 in taxes, but expects them to buy a brand new HDTV. He must own stock in Toshiba.
  3. He was talking about this story that appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. A elderly woman had kept a cashier's check in a safe deposit box for many, many years. When she went to cash it, she was told that the check was no good, and that the money was given to the State. When her lawyer checked, the State told her that they never received it. That was in the spring of 2006. He blamed State Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass for the snafu, even though she wasn't elected until the fall of that year, and not sworn in until the beginning of 2007. He must owe Jack Voigt some money.

Does he even pay attention to what he is saying?


  1. C'mon, you're being mean again. Sykes never divorced his second cousin. The two women he divorced were absolutely no relation to him. Again, the Hate Web strikes again.

  2. Can you say the "p-word" on this blog, as in "Charlie Sykes and his ilk are a bunch of pussies?" I'm sorry for violating anyone's delicate sensbilities, especially the dainty men of the political right, but this is apt.

    They continually see weakness in tolerance and valuing diversity, where it is by any measure a strength. They wave the bloody flag and have these "300," homoerotic war fantasies, when in truth none of them could last a boot camp, much less a bar fight. They have all sorts of snarky things to say about unions, when, beyond changing their sheets, none of them know an actual trade. They go out of their way to demonize their political opponents, and yet shriek like catamites ablaze when anyone dare questions their precious logic on something so innocuous as a political Web blog (and then make the further outrageous claim that this thing is somehow representative of most left-liberals). Shabby morals, low ethics and no courage = bunch of pussies.

  3. >>shriek like catamites ablaze<<

    Hey, I like that.

  4. I think the "300" war fantasies is even better.