Monday, January 7, 2008

Spelling It Out

McIlheran came out with an article a little while ago, giving us his pithy little lexicon of buzzwords for this year's elections.

The incomparable Brawler responds by giving us "The ABCs of Milwaukee's Right Wing", including these outtakes:

A is for affirmative action. V. bad -- except when it gets Patrick McIlheran a job as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist!

C is for Catholic. Against abortion and in favor of vouchers. As for following the Vatican's opposition to the war and support for labor and liberal economic social policies and dialogue with Islamic peoples (including Iran) ... not so much. You can adhere to the Vatican's opposition to the death penalty so long as you mention that (quietly) only once a year.

J is for journalism. "The smarter the journalists are, the better off society is. [For] to a degree, people read the press to inform themselves -- and the better the teacher, the better the student body." Warren Buffet said that. It's unclear whether he knew Jessica McBride teaches journalism at UW-M.

M is for McBride, Jessica. See here.

Q is for quicheoise. A term of opprobrium for Madison lefties that was invoked by Charlie Sykes in a recent column. The coinage earned him all sorts of huzzahs from other right wing bloggers. Obviously -- as with virtually all other bon mots or insights made by this man -- he lifted it. Nothing necessarily wrong with that. But the Brawler wonders where Sykes get the stones to questions some peoples' manliness when he admitted recently that he was incapable of shoveling out his driveway so his car would get through. Charlie, it's not the length of your driveway that matters -- a real man can always carve a path through the snow!

S is for Sykes, Charlie. The latest issue of Milwaukee Magazine summed it up nicely with some quotes from yesteryear. "Syked Out:“Away from his professional cronies … his books and his daily blows against the status quo, [WTMJ-AM radio host Charlie] Sykes is an isolated man.” (July 2000). “A man of immense talent and ambitions, yet unsure what to do next in life, a man who has gained the respect and fear of the power elite while failing to win the long-term loyalty of even a single friend.” (h/t Whallah!) The Brawler would add that the man seems to get only pettier -- and lazier (want to know what Chuck's going to talk about tomorrow? read
conservative blogs the night before) -- with the passage of time.

You can check out the whole alphabet here.

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  1. M for Muzzled? Maybe someone reined her in? No talk radio, no talk blog, no postings. Wonder what she tells her UWM students about her silence.