Thursday, January 3, 2008

Waxing Belling

You just got to love a post that starts out with:

Yesterday on his right wing-nut radio show, Mark Belling managed a manipulation of the facts and logic and took one of the most despised qualities of the Bush Administration and attributed them to Democrats.

Belling, in a moment that makes Norman Bates appear lucid, said that Democrats' supporters were the ones who were dependent upon government for its financial largess. To support his case he mentioned public employees and trial lawyers. Yes, trial lawyers are dependent upon government since they appear in publicly financed courts.

Belling forgot about Halliburton. He never mentioned Blackwater. He never mentioned the thieves, liars and crooks who profit from war, no bid contracts, and under the table deals.

That is Paul Soglin waxing Belling. You can read the rest here.


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