Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lee Sherman Dreyfus

Former Governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus passed away yesterday. He was one of the few politicians in Wisconsin that people from both sides of the political aisle could respect, if not like.

Bloggers from the right, such as Patrick at Badger Blogger and James Wigderson , wrote nice tributes, as did lefty bloggers such as James Rowen and Mike Mathias.

So what did the right wing local media have to say. Well, McIlheran just linked to Patrick's post. McBride hasn't put up anything yet, but as she wrote in a comment thread, she's been "real busy". Sykes wrote, "Look at me. I am going to be on the TV!"

How touching.


  1. McBride's been real busy. Been writing too much on other blogs to keep up with her own?

  2. You would think Mc Bride of all people would want to say something nice about Gov. Dreyfus. Maybe Bucher really doesn't have any future political aspirations.

  3. This is a time to respect a great man. Even though he had some differing philosophies, he appeared to be honest, concerned with Wscosnin and possessed of integrity. We could use a few like him today. That said, I believe you may rest assured that Mr. Mc Bride's political future is as promising as his recent past. Who did he ever defeat in his 8 district attorney elections?

  4. Compared to when I recently saw her live, McBride appears to be using a high school graduation picture. Wonder how young she was when she started dating da DA.

  5. "As you probably know, there are those who want to change Mother’s Day to Women’s Day and thus honor all women, not just those who have children. I think that would be a mistake since bearing the next generation is clearly the most important function women perform."

    "Another Christmas has just passed, and like many others the season somehow brings back memories of childhood. I can’t help but think how the holiday has changed from those I experienced in the 1930s. The key difference is excess. If you think about it, excess is a basic characteristic of our current national culture."