Thursday, January 3, 2008

When John Attacks

Even on a slow day, we can always rely on Whallah!'s favorite commenter on McBride's site, John.

Remember when John went, shall we say, a little emotional about Oprah?

Well, in the same comment thread, Jay Bullock teases James Wigderson for a typo:

But everybody me.My thoughts exactly.Hard to believe John is not the least coherent one on this thread.

Now, that got John's feathers all ruffled, and he goes on the offensive (I think):

Jay Bullock is a prime example of the left, the socialist left.
He says nothing. When he posts, he usually snipes like a sissy kid, but at times he does "wax philosophically". When he snipes, he does so, as if there is some "consensus" viewpoint that has been ratified as Fact or Science. In Jay's world, liberal shepherded thought is "Gospel" (ooooooops), and everyone in "Jay's world" agrees that Jay is correct. Republicans are stupid, Schools need more money, Abortion is a Constitutional right, and America is ALWAYS wrong.
Oh! And those of you who disagree, need to be TAXED more, so Jay can spread YOUR WEALTH, as Jay continues to collect a government pay check. If you CREATE JOBS AND WEALTH, and specifically if you, yourself become wealthy, You are the enemy and Jay's causes and liberal principles are ENTITLED to your earnings, because Jay CARES more than you. It's FAIR, that Jay can retire at 53, without himself creating any of the wealth required to fund his retirement. But EVERYONE should be able to do as Jay does. If only we confiscated more from the evil people who bankroll Jay and his lifestyle.
Everyone should retire at 53-54.
Yes, everyone should have straight white teeth.
We should outlaw tooth decay too Jay.

An aside to Jay: Hey, if you got that kind of pull and money, how 'bout throwing some of it to your writing staff?


  1. John seems a tad ... unhinged.

  2. I just wish I had the concession selling Windex at John's house. There has to be a spittle-flecked monitor in every room there.

  3. He does enjoy commas. Makes it read as though he's hyperventilating.

  4. I'm not saying this to be mean, but to be obvious: He is a lonely and disturbed man. His mania is one way of coping. Better this than various of the other outlets possible. You'll see more and more of this ass the right-wing house of cards comes down, but that is when these people are at their most dangerous. Is he capable of more than violence to grammar? Surely.

  5. Look at me (yawn)! I'm an angry white male (yawn), and surely in the minority, and what I have to go through is exactly what blacks had to go through in Jim Crow! Reverse (yawn) racism!, liberals (yawn)...Trilateral Commission? Anything? Anything? Help me Charlie, help me!

  6. john said...
    Thank you Zachary, for clearing up our misconceptions. When Jim Doyle said, "WE SHOULD NOT, WE MUST NOT, I WILL NOT RAISE TAXES",
    he was being truthful.
    Much like........
    So if we call it a "FEE" it's not a tax?
    Zachary, why do you pretend not to see the LIE??
    Zachary, when Jim Doyle made his, "we should not..." quote, he also prefaced it with a statement that said "working families could not afford any more TAXES".
    I guess you are suggesting (and I'm laughing at you Zachary) Wisconsin's "working families" cannot afford more TAXES, but can afford more FEES.
    Why don't you just be honest for once in your life Zachary?? Admit that Doyle lied, and that you support his lie. You have no problem with his dishonesty because you support Doyle taking more of our paychecks.
    Zachary, you know you're dishonest and I know it.
    But you have no character.

    January 4, 2008 11:14 PM