Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Conference?

These people spend more time and effort trying to convince one another that they have a viable product than Amway does.

Let's see who they have coming:

There's Tim Michels, the Ghost of Losing Campaigns Past and Reince Preibus, The Ghost of Losing Campaigns Yet To Be. There's the Most Confused Delegate, Ricardo Pimental the VP of the Conservatively biased Liberal MSM. We expect him to spend the afternoon railing against himself. The list of Right-Wingers goes on and on.

The big difference is that this time the conference will be in Tosa instead of Pewaukee. If you look at your map that's just a tiny bit more to the right.


  1. What in the world is Richardo Pimental doing in this nest of crackpots?

    As for Todd Berry with the Wisconsin Taxpayer's Alliance, someone will have to remind the MKE JS when they refer to this as a "non-partisan" group that Berry is at this very partisan gathering.

  2. I see one of the people coming is the former NRA president. One piece of the economic development puzzle for Wisconsin must be to sell more guns.

  3. At least to sell guns on-line to homicidal maniacs.

  4. Well, sure, that's good for the economy. First there's the money made for the guns and the ammunition. Then there's the money for medical supplies, doctor's fees, lawyer fees, hospital charges, undertaker charges, funeral expenses, and the list goes on. It's a real boon to the economy...presuming anyone's still alive to enjoy it.