Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fischer Is Not That Big On the Whole "Constitutional" Thing

The closest Kevin Fischer gets to constitutional is when he takes his daily fulmination in the marble-lined side rooms of the Capitol.

Now he's recommending the seizure of assets for a crime that is no more a civil forfeiture to begin with in Wisconsin and, if I'm reading his linked article right, the Kevver support seizing the cars of repeat traffic offenders, as well.

The police quoted in the article aren't all that thrilled with the policy since it creates more paperwork for minimal benefit and takes officers off the roads. It just gives some politicians a chance to look "tough" in front of the constituents.
"It's really not going to change anything," said Gwinnett County Police Corporal Illana Spellman."If they don't have a valid license, the vehicle is going to be impounded anyway."

The only ones who like proposals like this are the big-government statists like Fischer who never saw an intrusion into peoples' lives that they couldn't support.


  1. I wouldn't want to intrude on any one's life. In my opinion, the people who come to this country illegally are intruding on us and they don't think about how we feel as citizens having the extra burden they impose on us. Not that I think it was their intention to be intrusive or a burden (when they dreamt of coming here to get a better life), but it is the reality. 12+ million illegal people in one country cannot be spun into a positive and we really need to do something to fix this problem. But, whatever we do it must be humane and effective.

  2. I think that when an illegal is stopped, they should be handed a voucher for free food, free clothing, free education and free housing. After all, it is just a misdemeanor that they came across the border illegally.

    Wait, they all ready do get that in Wisconsin.

  3. The same could be said of the white immigrants (illegal?) who encroached upon Native Indian lands ... but of course, for the most part, the Native Indians were far more hospitable.

    I know you are fair-minded, Fair Play, but those on the right who demonize immigrants make it sound as though this supposed invasion of 12 million happened overnight. It did not ... it's been decades in the making. Rather, it's another ploy by the Repug party to stir up resentment ... another way to get the angry white man vote ... those who for the most part were unhappy in their lives to begin with.

    As for anony ... phttp! You're one of the above.

  4. Oh, I know OS.

    I am embarrassed to say this but I was part of that group until I took a step back and realized the right uses the issue of illegal immigrants similar to the way they use fear mongering. I don't agree with people coming into this country illegally but nothing good gets accomplished by being inhumane.