Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fischer's Not Into Voting Rights Either

Fischer, like most of the squawking heads, likes to think he knows of which he speaks (or types).
He put up a post saying, basically, that the voter should be informed before he or she goes to the polling place. Whallah! concurs, for the most part.

The one exception is where Fischer writes:

If you’re voting for the challenger because you feel it’s time for a change, you should stay home.
That's just wrong. McCain is promising more of the same failed economic strategies and even worse than failing foreign policies that this country has suffered for the past seven years. I want a change. I don't care if it's Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, I will be voting for them, as that I want a change. I want to return this country to greatness. That would require a change from our current course of affairs.

Locally, I see the parks in shambles, people unable to get to work because of bus cuts, people unable to get mental health services, people unable to get AODA services. I see delays in court hearings denying people of their legal and civil rights. I see inmates escaping from supposedly secure facilities. I want that to change. I will be voting for state Senator Lena Taylor, as that Walker has repeatedly shown that he is unable to effectively or wisely run the county government. I want to change that.

Fischer also forgot one thing in his tirade. If you get your news and/or opinions only from local talk radio, you should stay home.

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