Sunday, March 2, 2008

Voter Fraud Frauds

So some unnamed individuals in the Special Investigations Unit of the Milwaukee Police Department released "the results" of their investigation. However, this report is quickly becoming more and more suspect.

In an another one of his acts of clairvoyance, our own Brawler noted that the new top cop was not happy that this report was released under the MPD auspices, but that it never went through the proper channels. Even more interesting is that it wasn't released to community leaders first but instead it went to political hacks and radio squawkers.

Today, Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirms the Brawler's conclusions with an interview of the chief, who is righteously ticked off at the shenanigans of what has happened and the tenuous position that these unnamed actors has put the Department in.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the local right wing squawkers are either in denial or outrightly ignoring the cloud that hovers around this report, just like they did with Annette Ziegler, and are currently doing with Gableman.

The Brawler, in a follow up post he did on this story, writes an interesting question:
The Brawler's new question is: Will Charlie Sykes and other law-and-order types who have praised Ed Flynn mention that he's gone after this report and its pretenses of policy making? Tune in Monday!

On his TV show, Sunday Incite, Sykes purposely ignores this little fact. Kevin Fischer ignores the suspicious conditions of the release of the report. Then again, Fischer tends to ignore anything that concerns reality.

The other thing to note is that all of these right wing, foaming-at-the-mouth, Voter ID fanatics are ignoring the elephant in the room. The highest area of voter fraud, and voter intimidation, but since that is their bailiwick of committing voter fraud, I don't expect the right to really want anyone to look at that too closely.

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  1. And Jessica Mcbride is ignoring.....EVERYTHING.