Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Classy Post By Fischer

Apparently, some of the more strict adherents are none too pleased with an effort to change some of the ritualistic phrasing that is part of the Catholic Church.

Now, I'm not Catholic, nor do I agree with many of the positions that the Church takes, but I do believe in the Freedom of Religion, and would consider this issue to be an internal matter that they need to deal with.

Some of those who have strong feelings about this issue, can express themselves appropriately, like Dad29 does.

Fischer does not have the same kind of education or level of sophistication as Dad, as his clearly obvious in just the title of his post on the same subject, spelling errors and all:


As a public service, here is a link to their contact information, just in case you wish to let WISN know how glad you are that they are making this class act part of their station. He should fit in real well with Belling.

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