Sunday, March 2, 2008

From The Mailbag

A certain group of concerned citizens, who obviously constitute my 2.3 readers, have taken the mission of Whallah! to heart, and routinely send him emails in the hope that he will change his idiotic and/or evil ways. Of course, they know Sykes won't do the correct thing, just the right thing, and won't behave, so they make sure that we are aware of their valiant efforts.

Here is what will be waiting for Sykes when he comes in to work tomorrow:
In your letter to the JS which was in today's paper, you state, "Since last week's announcement, little public opposition to the decision has surfaced. etc. etc.....On my show, reaction has been overwhelmingly negative. Apparently this doesn't count as "public opposition".Guess what, apparently that is correct. Duh.
On your Sunday TV show today you're pointing your finger at your guests you looked EXACTLY like Bill Clinton pointing his to reporters. Real Class.

Citizens against talk radio fraud.

People after my own heart, I tell ya.

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