Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Charlie Sykes: Free trade for thee but not for Brad-ley

Charlie Sykes is up in arms about free trade and the global movement of capital.

Is a big manufacturing plant in these parts closing down? Is he worried about the plight of working people?

No, no, no -- all that's all right.

What's really terrible is that the naming rights for the Bradley Center might be sold not just to a corporate sponsor -- but to a Chinese corporate sponsor.

That was the focus of the early part of Charlie's show yesterday.

Sykes' effort to gin up a controversy on this issue -- the Bradley Center may have a right to do this but it's not the right thing to do since Jane Pettit wanted to honor the memory of her father, Charlie argues -- is truly entertaining.

It's one thing to offshore millions of jobs -- and perish the thought of establishing a more secure safety net to protect those harmed by globalization.

But when free trade threatens to harm the egos of the super-rich? That's where you draw the line!

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  1. Christine LeFleurMarch 4, 2008 at 6:56 PM

    Ta Da guess who's gonna post tonite? Let's all welcome her back it's getting boding just picking on Sykes and McIlheran, Welcome back Jessica McBride. It's only going to be about the death (figuratively speaking of course)of Hillary but hey it's a start on the long road back.