Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If Wishing Could Make It So

Paddy Mac tries to outdo himself with this canard in a column (snippet) from Monday:
...now that the report from Milwaukee police has made it pretty indisputable that vote fraud happened and frequently during the 2004 election.

Let's help the poor, confused man with his definition, shall we?
in·dis·put·a·ble /ˌɪndɪˈspyutəbəl, ɪnˈdɪspyə-/
[in-di-spyoo-tuh-buhl, in-dis-pyuh-]
1.not disputable or deniable; uncontestable.

2.unquestionably real, valid, or the like.

Now let's look at the report. The department in whose name it was leaked disputes its conclusions. The agencies responsible for enforcing it say its conclusions are not valid. And dozens of citizen-journalists have parsed the report to show that it may show "sloppiness" and it certainly shows "human error" and it even shows several examples of gaming the long-established rules.

All of that is eminently disputable.

Paddy Mac can't even get it right when he's being tangential to the issue. I know for a fact that there are literate conservatives in Southwestern Wisconsin who can express their views with precision and even a little grace. One wonders why the J-S settled for this guy.

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  1. The Brawler raises some good questions about Paddy's favorite non-report as well.