Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Stellar Moment For Bucher

An anonymous commenter left this link in the comment section from a money quote post from last night. The link is to a news story which highlights why Bucher is a "super lawyer" (emphasis mine):

Prior to his case being called, the former assistant varsity girls basketball coach was seated in the gallery of the courtroom holding a tissue to his mouth. Huth's case was delayed as his attorney, Paul Bucher, was at another court hearing. Shortly after Bucher arrived, Binn called the case and Huth seated himself at the defendant's table, still holding a tissue to his mouth.

Binn asked Bucher about his client and if he was on any medication.

"I believe he's competent," said Bucher.

After asking Bucher about Huth's change of address to Racine, Binn mentioned he could see blood on Huth's tissue.

Bucher said Huth was "just stressed out" and had "a bleeding ulcer and other medical issues."

"I can see blood coming out of his mouth onto his chin," said Binn. "The court is concerned about his health and safety…I can see the defendant bleeding from the mouth and I will have a bailiff call for an ambulance," Binn said.

"I can't get a response from him," Bucher said.

After setting another date for a preliminary hearing, May 16, Binn asked Huth, "Are you OK."

Huth sat apparently unresponsive.

"He says he's OK," Bucher said.

At that point Binn ordered the courtroom cleared as a bailiff was about to tend to Huth.

More proof that judges just aren't paid enough.


  1. Simply bleeding from the mouth doesn't equal health problems, or that someone shouldn't be sitting through a trial.

    ...uh, wait a second...

  2. Then there is this story:
    Bucher having quite a run.

  3. He's having fun now.

  4. Be careful Capper:

    Remember this was from the wannabe king of the hate right!

    Then Belling says:

    Equally confusing is his decision to join a law firm headed by former New Berlin Mayor Jim Gatzke rather than go to a high profile Milwaukee firm with more prestige and credibility. Some believe Bucher intends to run for the next vacant Waukesha County judgeship and therefore wants to keep a visible presence in the county.

    Don't forget who was pulling Belling's chain on the way the AG was handling the Crandon conspiracy which turned out to be nothing.

  5. My king what do you mean about the pay for judges?

  6. I simply mean that if I were a judge, and I had to put up with such nonsense, I would be looking for a raise, post haste.

  7. Saw this on Wigderson. Maybe Jessica was'nt having fun. At least her husband is.

    I always advise bloggers that when it's no longer fun and it's no longer serving your purpose, then don't blog. Blogging (and any type of writing) should be something you enjoy, not something you feel obligated to do.

    I blog because I love the writing. If it wasn't politics, it would be something else. On the other hand, I know someone who was very knowledgeable about local politics who tried blogging. He told me "blogging sucks."

    That's the long way of me saying that while I don't have specific knowledge, I can make a pretty educated guess.

    Sadly, most blogs have the lifespan of mayflies. Really, this blog that your reading has had an exceptionally long life compared to most blogs.

    I suspect Jessica will be back to blog about specific races or issues just like she blogged right before the election. But who knows?