Monday, April 14, 2008

Well Wishes To The Crown Prince

Ah, but it is a grievous thing to hear that Other Side, the Crown Prince of Progressives, had been feeling less than stellar in recent days:
Oddly enough, later that day about 1:00 pm I began feeling uncomfortable. I checked my heart rate and it felt irregular, and I was beginning to feel pressure in my chest and neck. After about twenty minutes I decided I should call my wife. I got up and nearly fell. Fortunately she was by the phone and left immediately, but not until after getting a promise I would dial 911 if I felt any worse.

She took me to Froedert where it was determined I was suffering from the same ailment as back in Sept. 2006 ... my heartbeat continued to be irregular, but more ominously, it had sped to 170 beats a minute. They considered dosing me with a drug that actually stops the heart momentarily. I was not in favor of this. They injected me with this drug in Sept. 2006 and it was extremely unpleasant. Imagine that all blood circulation has ceased. Beginning at the extremities, a feeling of approaching blackness occurs ... then it's gone. Back to normal. I imagine this is what death might feel like ... blackness overwhelms, a shudder, then you're gone.

Anyway, the idea is to restart the heart, kind of like pressing restart on a computer. Fortunately this time, my heart went back into rhythm after about an hour. I was allowed to go home, but now must contact a cardiologist. A younger brother has this and now has a pacemaker. Don't want that.

Rest easy, young Prince. Your friends and allies will be alright while you recuperate. And do what the doctors recommend. It's not just what you want. You have a family and friends that needs and wants you here. Don't make me issue a Royal Edict!

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